Kristy is currently still alive and working in New York City.

Kristy is an art director who loves making pretty work with a purpose. After receiving her B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University, she cut her teeth as an illustrator, and they never grew back. Her conceptual thinking and passion for shaping stories eventually led her to a career in advertising. It began with an internship at the Martin Agency, where she produced work for clients like AMC, Chips Ahoy, and Geico. She has since worked on a variety of campaigns for clients such as Lexus, Capital One, and the National Kidney Foundation, as well as an array of women-led startups like Chromat, Kali Tampons, and United Nations non-profit, GirlUp.

Kristy enjoys camping, sci-fi, whisky, wearing heels while being tall, and seasons 1-8 of Intervention. She continues to draw on her own time, with work appearing in various publications.